Many of my poems have been published in newspapers and magazines across the country. My short stories have been honored in national science fiction contests. I SIGN ALL BOOKS ORDERED FROM THIS WEBSITE.


I give poetry presentations at schools, libraries, churches, and community events. Students learn that poetry can be fun to read and write. Adults are entertained. Schedule one today!


I have written poems for adults, teens, and children. They rhyme and are all easy to read. They are subjects that everyone can relate to. Most are funny. Some tell a story and make you feel good.

Release Date: September 15, 2023

Funny Rhymes About Life!

If it's true that laughter is the best medicine, then Tom Catalano has written the perfect prescription. ‘Funny Rhymes About Life!’ is just that – humorous rhyming poems on everyday subjects that adults can relate to. The easy-to-read rhymes in ‘Funny Rhymes About Life!’ make us laugh at things like annoying telemarketing calls, never-ending honey-do projects, buying a used car, getting older, stinky breath, procrastination, and of course, love and marriage. These are NOT like the boring, hard-to-understand poems you studied in school! So go ahead, smile for a while!


Tom Catalano


Tom Catalano is an author and presenter. His poems are often humorous, taking a lighthearted look at every day events with which adults or children can relate. His short stories are themes of science fiction, mystery, and psychological suspense. Tom also gives poetry presentations at schools, churches, libraries, and community events.

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Engaging Presentations

“I love speaking at public and private schools, churches, libraries, bookstores, and events. I show students and adults how much fun poetry can be. Presentations are specifically tailored to the audience.
See the Poetry Presentations page for details.”

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